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How do I clean my Leachco product?

Complete care instructions are found on the care labels sewn into each Leachco item. Please follow these instructions to ensure the proper care and longevity of your Leachco item. If you no longer have the care labels, visit the specific product page

Can I wash my bathing item in the washing machine?

Please refer to the care labels which are sewn into your bathing item for complete care instructions. If you no longer have the care labels, visit the specific product page on this website for details.

Is the Leachco® Cuddle-U®, Podster® or Bummzie® safe for baby to sleep on?

No, do not allow a baby to sleep in the Cuddle-U®, Podster®, or Bummzie®. Constant adult supervision is required at all times when these products are in use. Do not allow a baby to lie face down or on their side in these products. For use on floor on

Do Leachco products contain flame retardants or PBDE?

No, Leachco Products do NOT contain flame retardants or PBDE. Leachco prides itself on maintaining the highest possible industry standards. Our fabrics and fillings are exempt from the California Bureau of Home Furnishings Technical Bulletin 117. .

What are the differences in products labeled Basic, Original, or Chic?

Our products come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of our customers. "Basic" indicates a permanent cover that is not removable. "Original" indicates a product which has a removable, sham-style cover. "Chic" indicates a product which has a rem

My Leachco pillow was supposed to include a removable cover.

If you purchased a pillow that includes a removable cover, but you can't seem to locate it please look for the sham-style opening on your item. It fits snug on your pillow and is a sham style cover. "Basic" styles of Leachco products do not include a

Are Leachco Products Made in the USA?

The majority of our product line is Made in the U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials. Products may also be labeled as partial assembly in China and finished in the U.S.A or Made in China.

How can I re-fluff my body pillow?

As with any type of pillow, Leachco pillows can become compressed with frequent use. This is not a defective property of the pillow. You can “re-fluff” by hand, simply shifting the filling around to your liking, as you would with most pillows. We DO

Are Leachco products trademarked and copyrighted?

The majority of our Leachco products are original designsand created by Jamie Leach. We may determine a patent, copyright or trademark is necessary. These decisions are made on an individual basis.

Do you sell waterproof or dustmite covers for your body pillows?

At this time, we do not have waterproof covers available for our items. However, please check our website frequently for new product updates and announcements.

I ordered this pillow with a 100% cotton cover and my label says it is 100% polyester

The 100% polyester description on the tag is referring to the filling used inside the Leachco pillow. Your product will contain all necessary labels and descriptions of the contents of your product.

Are your products treated with any chemicals?

Our products are not treated with any chemicals.

Are your Organic products GOTS certified?

Yes. All Leachco Organic products are GOTS certified.

I have a medical condition and need your recommendation for one of your products.

No medical claims are made regarding the benefits or use of any of our products.Please consult your primary care physician or health care professional regarding your question. For more information please contact us as [email protected]

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